Пример перевода для отправки данных доктам в США

Ladies and gentlemen. I need advice with recommendations of the relevant specialist for my kinswoman (46 years old) in conformity with the following set of her complaints (if necessary with participation of an appropriate specialist on the profile of concomitant diseases endocrinology) and her general condition. Also, I need advice with therapy strategy of her arterial hypertension (as for a course of treatment, and cupping condition associated with increased blood pressure) and if it possibly changes the drug-strategy for the treatment of concurrent conditions (it could be one of the reasons for the ineffective treatment of arterial hypertension permanent taking the drug EUTIROX). Frequent and long time increased blood pressure in the last year. Diastolic pressure rises faster than the systolic and can go up to 100 mmHg. She perceived this condition hardly, because condition are often associated with severe headaches with temporal and occipital lobe localization. Her headaches are without aura, but with nausea. The pressure was stopped by MOXONIDINE in a dose of 200 mg. At the same time she took a NUROFEN or another anti-migraine drug, such as AMIGA. After taking these medications headache was stopped, but not for long. When the pressure was increased to 140/95, MOXONIDINE have not helped and she was taking CAPOTEN, which helped to reduce the pressure, but the headache was even stronger. She took courses at different times such drugs as ANAPRILIN, ARIFON, ATAKAND, but without significant improvement. She took the prescribed her a sedative, antidepressant and nootropic drugs (SEMAX, ATARAX, MEXIDOL ACTOVEGIN, NERVOHEL), and she has also taken drugs which regulated the sleep (MEL AKSEN, then CIRCADIN, which was been a positive effect for a short period). I recommended the drug, based on the principles of TENS Belgian drug CEFALY (http:// www.cefalytechnology.com/) and the German drug MAXALT (lingual form), as an experienced patient who suffers from migraine attacks. These two drugs were able to reduce the quantity, tolerability, severity of headaches, but 100% result failed to be achieved. 2. Related disease: HYPOTHYROIDISM, for the treatment which takes EUTIROX in a dosage of 100 mcg. Attached copies of the surveys with the results and findings lately: 1) Echocardiography. 2) Blood test. 3) Nevrologist Consultation. 4) Oculist Consultation. 5) Protocol of stress EKG test - Treadmill. 6) Duplex ultrasound. 7) Kidney ultrasound.